Technical specifications

Heating: district heating


Underfloor heating and cooling: Individual room control. Top-floor apartments equipped with Zehnder active ceiling heating and cooling system with electric comfort floor heating system in wet rooms.


Ventilation: Air-to-air mechanical recovery ventilation system by Zehnder. The ventilation units are installed outside apartments behind the suspended ceilings in the stairwells. The ventilation unit controls are located in the apartment.


Water supply and sewerage: Central hot and cold water supply and circulation High voltage wiring: Electrical wiring has been installed, switches and sockets have been fitted.


High voltage wiring:Electrical wiring has been installed, switches and sockets have been fitted.


Low voltage wiring: Data cabling has been provided; the buyers subscribe to the services themselves. Central door entry system.


Security systems: Wireless alarm system foreseen. Pre-wiring has been done for the alarm system control panel. The delivery and installation of the equipment is not included in the price. The buyers subscribe to security services on their own behalf and at their own expense.

Windows: triple glazed, filled with argon gas, aluminium profile  


Balconies: Concrete balconies on metal joists. Ceiling of wooden facade boards. Parapets of clear laminated float glass with hot-dip galvanised painted steel profiles 


Rooftop terraces(in some apartments): deep-impregnated timber flooring, safety glass barriers


Skylights: Acrylic metal-framed skylight domes 1000x2400mm


Lift: The building is equipped with a lift serving all floors

Floors of common areas: ceramic tiles Keope Back Ivory 60x60


Walls of common areas:painted


Ceilings of common areas: Acoustic suspended ceiling (in veneer), white gypsum ceiling.


Lighting in the common areas: LED lights fitted in the wooden suspended ceiling, warm light


The developer reserves the right to replace the materials and fixtures with equivalent or higher-quality products.

The prices of the apartments include interior finishings.